Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wow has it really been over a year since my last post? My sincere apologies people! 2011 was a year filled with joy, agony and everything in between. I'd done some things that I'm really proud about, and there are some that I sorta regret. If I was any younger, I'd probably say things like "I would do it all over again.". But I'm not getting any younger and at my age I just want to look to the future and see what gives, you know? To look upon the new year and think about things I could do differently from the last. Explore new avenues and tear down old walls. Build new bridges and collapse others. Ahh the ramblings of a 22 year old.

This blog has served me since 09 and last year saw the random birth of a new one, partly due to academic reasons. I needed to host a web blog for a couple of subjects under a new email ID which happens to now be my current email ID(adriangradinkotan@gmail.com). So while I was typing myself to oblivion on those blogs it occurred to me spontaneously that I should create a new blog, for the heck of it. Hence, the arrival of Thoughts Through Fingertips. I’ve been posting there throughout 2011 so I’m here to tell you that for all me-related updates, that’s where you should head to from now on. What of this blog then? Well yes I’ve heard the calls for the axe to swing down on it, but personally I want to keep this blog up and running. Contentwise, nothing personal here,but it’ll be moving towards the direction of my band, Black Light Banquet. Come on, even the name of the blog fits. So there you have it, Tales from the banquet table will serve as your go-to blog to update you on everything BLB or our music projects and behind the scenes. I’ll keep you peeps posted. Cheers everyone and have a good
year ahead.

Stay tuned for news about us. Whatever it may be.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Road Less Taken

I'm sick of people telling you what's the best for you when they don't know squat about squid. Best way to go is always on your own sometimes. And in this case, it's the pedals I'm after! Forum after forum, video after video, guitarists and musicians alike has been telling me to go get those Boss D1 and Metal Zone pedals, because for the level I'm at and the budget I have, it's a no brainer. Well I've done my own tireless research into the matter and have found the cheapest possible alternative to my solution. 

                                                           Danelectro Pedals.

Haha well not exactly. It's been around wherever I've been browsing so I kept it in the back of my head and when it came down to price, nothing beats these. See, yes I do agree Boss will beat the crap out of these hands down when it comes down to quality and tone, but I'm sacrificing them for the price. It's dirt cheap. Plus, after having watched a few demo and sound videos of the damned things on youtube, I'm convinced that these Danelectro FAB pedals are just as good and convenient as most pedals out there, not including Boss ones and others of that level. So behold, the cheapest looking, odd-colored, fragile looking pedals you will ever see!

Yup and there they are. As cheap looking as they are, I want them for that reason alone. Cheap. Before I get to the price, lets talk about it. The black on is the classic metal looking sounding pedal. After watching reviews, it does offer a lot of twang and tone but my only concern is that it isn't true bypass. Other than that, I'd love a metal pedal to compliment the distortion and wah wah and what not.

The red one is distortion, obviously. Told you I couldn't live without it. After hearing it in action, I'm pretty stoked about getting this at that particular price. Hang on, I'm getting to that. However my only concern about this pedal is the same as the first. True bypass. I'll check with Bentleys in a few days. Okay, now let's get to the price. What caught my attention to these babies you ask? 

Well, both pedals come in at RM 85.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My Musical Line-Up wishlist for xmas/2011 =)

Yeah I love doing this. Making wishlists and drooling over stuff I'm never sure I'll even get in the future. With the economy in such a turmoil and my allowances facing the credit crunch, as unfortunately enough for me, I do not come from a family a with deep pocket. Therefore, I dream the small boy's dream =) Here goes!

A new guitar with a pretty balanced mix of effects pedals is what I'm after right now, having been gigging' ( never knew it was even a word!) for almost 2 years plus with my band, Black Light Banquet. Experiences have told me that as guitarists, or musicians for that matter,  we should always come prepared. I remember my first gig outside of school. It was that JROCK thing we got into thanks to Ryan. We got there, and started setting up, and only then I realized that the amp I got wasn't a combo, therefore it had only a clean channel. I was fucked, but hey I was saved by a guy called David who lent me his multi-effect processor.  Since then, I bought my own mini-multi effect, the Zoom G2. It has served me well with a variety of effects, though I'm bloody boring and only used the distortion for 90% of the gigs. Anyways, my G2 is dying. It sounds too fuzzy and it eats AA batteries like the cookie monster with a serious case of the munchies.

So with the upcoming GLAM in mind....

Pause. Let me fill you people in.
BLB will be playing at SOULed Out in Sri Hartamas on Xmas Eve, 9.15 pm. Covering songs from Glee, Christmas songs and even an acapella session with other bands and my friends. Yay =)

..... I decided that a fresh start would be required , guitar effects-wise. See, i'm not a technical guitarist. I love solo-ing sure, but can't complete one for nuts. Minor Pentatonic scale is like what I'm pro at. lol. I also chug away in drop D for riffs most of the time, but I see my band's musical direction being more diverse come 2011, therefore I need a new arsenal of effects. Keeping in mind that I'm going to claim cash for my good results, a well performed show at GLAM plus my xmas and birthday moneys, I think I have a chance! so! let me show you people what I want!


Okay. Let us finally begin, with a showcase of what I currently have, or my current rig at home per-say.

I'm currently using a China made fake branded amp called Viking, 30 watts. I won't even post a picture cause I'm ashamed I actually do own that piece of shit, which is also dying. So moving on to my current main battle axe. The Epiphone SG Emily. I love her to death.
There she is. I think I'll be playing her for a long long time to come. However, I do want a second auxiliary axe. 

And here's the G2. I appreciate all the distorted fun it has given me, but I'm going to need more.

So that about completes my line-up at home. Pathetic huh. Yeah. Okay so you get my drift now. I want another guitar, amp and effect pedals. Lets look at the potential suitors. 

1) Sexy Axey

These are my two contenders. Both are ESP guitars, which is rad. Both are the latest Eclispse-2 models, just that the one to the right looks more badass and has a tremolo system, which is uniquely rare, plus it uses Seymour Duncan pickups compared to the one on the left which uses EMG active pickups. So let me explain why I have these two in mind. Firstly, I just love the single-cut away Les Paul type models and these two look like tuxedos. Beautiful. Also, I want a guitar that can dish out lots of heavy gain without losing the tone. Both are made of mahgony thus it has the incredible sustain to beat too. I can't wait to palm mute on this baby XD.


Guitar is out of the way. Next, the amp!

Meet the new Marshall MG 15 Watts FX!
This lil' baby is not all quiet and timid. She has built-in effects to boot plus the classic two channel switcher from clean to distortion, which is what I WANT in my amps. This will be a great sounding amp for practice at home, and will definitely bring out the best of my guitars as it compliments them perfectly.

RM 710

Okay time to get into the effects section.

To store the pedals at home or on stage, I'll need a pedal board. Pretty much self explanatory. =)
PRICE = RM 300+

And once I have the board, I'll need to a constant and reliable power supply to power up the pedals, no longer relying on DARN BATTERIES. So, meet....

Yeah. So as you can see, the Pedal Power allows me to power up 6 pedals at once on my board. Nice. =)
PRICE = RM 340

Now that I have my power, starting the line-up on the board from right to left is one of the most recognized pedals in the musical world. It's the classic Original Wah Pedal by Dunlop.

And this is it. I will be able to make my lil' lead parts on whatever song I play sound just...awesome. =D
PRICE = RM 400

Moving on, the next to will be an ABSOLUTE MUST for me, as I rely super heavily on distortion for heavy rock tunes. Here they are..

Both gives me a boost of distortion and metal leads for a nice warm ' fuck you' gain. I likes very muchies.

Next up, pedals that will enhance my guitar's sound beyond awesome.

Meet the Polyphonic Octave Generator! Both of them are awesome, just that the mini is well, cut down in range. Both have the ability to make the guitar sound like a bass, 12 string, 18 string guitar or even an organ! Brilliant huh? Yes.

POG 2 = RM 800

Anddddd bringing up the rear? Hahahaha this is pretty standard.

A TUNER! =) But this is not your ordinary tuner. You can tune all 6 strings at once with this baby. Oh yeah. They key to success on stage is to tune your instruments. 


So yahp. That about concludes my musical wish list. Goodnight!